Sunday, July 8, 2012


Next stop on our whirlwind summer of travel: Jamaica. The last grown-up vacation Jeremy and I took was to Paris when I was nine weeks pregnant with the boys. Sometimes when I see things that remind me of that trip, I tell the boys that they "saw" those things when they lived in my belly. Four years later, they are almost half my size. Needless to say, much has happened between then and now. Good reason for Jeremy and I to go on an adult trip.

On our honeymoon eight years ago, we went to the Couples resort in Negril. It was a wonderful experience, so we chose to do Couples again, this time San Souci. It was gorgeous. It was everything I imagine a tropical paradise vacation to be...beautiful and rejuvenating and much, much needed. And it allowed me to capture a little perspective on life. 

In anticipation of our trip, I said I was going to sleep, sleep, sleep. However, I've learned that my internal clock now thinks that after six hours, it is time to wake up. I also expected Jeremy and I to catch up on conversation. And we did. But there was much more quiet time. I think we are so used to being in nonstop-busy-multitasking mode that what we really needed was quiet. Beautiful quiet time...and some snorkeling and eating. 

I didn't take too many pictures because I was busy laying on the beach with a martini, but here are a few:

I want to wear this outfit all the time!

My other half. :)


  1. Looks like fun! Can't wait for our "grown up" vacation!

  2. Shana - my husband and I were at the Couples Resort in Negril 8 years ago for our honeymoon also. We were married on July 9th and were there I think by the 11th. We might have been there at the same time! How funny!
    Oh how I wish we could go back!