Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nonstop to...

Everywhere. Our family is virtually booked until January.

Big changes have been taking place since late spring. First, we welcomed Myrian as our nanny. Then we decided to try the Anat Baniel Method and took David to California to see Anat. She suggested what I like to think of as a jump start, which is three months of intermittent intensive treatment. So Jeremy and I started planning.

That was a couple of weeks ago. Now I am in Austin, where David is receiving intensive ABM lessons. The week before, he received lessons from our home base in Houston.

When David and I return home, Jeremy and I start packing for Jamaica. We leave on Sunday. I am excited that we will be able to have some much needed couple time, although the reality of a honeymoon-like vacation has not sunk in yet. I am looking forward to what we will discover about our relationship as it has been almost 4 years since we have had a long period of adult time. I am also looking forward to sleep, and zero multitasking.

...before it is time to start multitasking once again. Upon returning home, I start the food preparation and packing for three weeks back in California. David and I will be out there with Anat, Neil and Sylvia again. After that, another week is dedicated to both unpacking and repacking--this time for New York for more ABM with another practitioner. I am stoked about New York! It is one of my favorite cities of all time.

After that, we are home, but not without plans. The boys will be four years old on September 5. School starts for Donnie, on the their birthday. We are going to two family reunions and the boys will get to meet lots of family. I grew up with so much family and certainly relished that aspect of my childhood, so I am glad they will get to meet a whole lot of family members on my side.

Next up, the holidays.  Enough said.

THEN JANUARY AND FEBRUARY.  I have never looked forward to these months so much as I do now. I used to loathe them (especially because I am not a fan of Valentines Day, but I digress). Now, I look at it as a a time to rest and observe. Our priest gave a homily one February that will forever stick in my mind. He talked about how the crepe myrtles that time of year are unattractive, bare and pruned down to nubs. Then, in the summer they bloom into great beauty. While it seems nothing is going on, what is actually taking place is incubation or germination.  It is a time for rest and letting unseen progress take place.

And guess what...there's more! In March, I start ABM practitioner training in California.

For now, it is Austin. Feels like we are having a little slow down time, yet we are still constantly going. Nonstop to self discovery.

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  1. Wow - you are busy! I love that you have the opportunity to try ABM in so many places. We are going down to San Rafael July 9th for the first time. I am so excited.