Thursday, July 12, 2012

ABM in Texas

When we saw how well David responded to the Anat Baniel Method that first week in California, Jeremy and I decided this is something worth pursuing further. So here we are, David and I, back in California. The past month and a half has been a rapid succession of traveling from one place to another, with different family members going to and fro. Now I have a little time to catch up on what has been going on.

Between David's introduction to ABM in California and a second honeymoon in Jamaica for Jeremy and me, David received movement lessons from Anat Baniel practitioners in Texas. At home in Houston, I took David for sessions with Barbara Hartmann in her home practice. Once on the table, David became aware that he was  in a lesson. During each one, I watched attentively and David participated attentively. Ultimately, what I perceived was communication happening. Movement for David is starting to become purposeful. Barbara and I discussed the importance of fine-tuning this. She has a few fantastic little pinwheels that David loves, and he kept swinging at them with his arms. The next step...getting him to touch the pinwheel and feel it and recognize that it is something fragile that responds to his level of force. And the kid's got force.

David making new onnections, feeling his feet.

After home sessions with Barbara, David and I took our first solo trip to Austin to see Sheila Gordon. He had nine consecutive lessons with her that week, which was beneficial to see as each practitioner has their own vibe. The cause and effect that David was experiencing in his lessons with Barbara were carrying over to his lessons with Sheila. His eye movement was becoming more purposeful, as he took a long moment to look at his hand and he used his facial expression to subtly communicate things he wanted to do, for example, roll to his belly.

Bids is enjoying this comfortable position.

The face of a very alert guy!

At one point, Sheila told me that David's brain is organizing his body so that his arm can move. Talk about profound. But that is the nature of ABM. The things that are happening are deep, unseen at times, but felt. There is a certain element of acceptance that has to take place. With all the subtlety, I can see just how many minor things he needs to learn. The picture is coming into clearer focus for me, and most importantly, David.

I feel like I am on a frontier with David for which there is no adequate verbal language. The language is neurological and physical and sensational.

This is the beginning of a long journey. To say the least, it has been and will continue to be a busy summer with all the traveling to see the many great practitioners of the Anat Baniel Method we are taking David to see. Ever since our liberating occasion of David receiving a carseat that he can tolerate, we have been out and about. Funny, when the boys were babies, I would tell David a little rhyme: "There's a little Bid I know. He likes to go and go and go." This is very true in many ways.

As we were going back and forth in Austin, we passed this sign everyday.

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