Friday, July 13, 2012

Healing Journey

Relaxation. Balance. Nature. Spontaneity. Awareness.

It feels appropriate to start this post with a little free-association, as things are gently shifting and changing for both David and me in California. I have finally caught up on all I wanted to say before I started on what we are doing in the now, here in San Rafael. There is a lot.

I will start with the setting. At the last minute, someone canceled their reservation for three weeks at a bed and breakfast called Gerstle Park Inn. It was an amazing coincidence. David and I are here in a lovely little cottage in Northern California, enjoying comfortable temperatures, beautiful weather and scenery, and the breakfast is glorious!

The Gerstle Park Inn

Right outside our door
You know I set up shop in this cute little kitchen!

This week is an intensive one for David. He has two sessions every day, with various practitioners.
David has seen Anat and Sylvia, then finishes up today with Chris. During the lesson I am continually trying to future out what is going on. Apparently, David is learning what is going on--with himself. His eyes are usually wide and alert, and he is responding vocally to touch and movement. His breathing fact, his entire demeanor changes as the "learning switch" is turned on. This is a metaphor Anat uses to describe when a person's brain becomes receptive and begins to grasp things it hadn't before.
David in an ABM session.

The implications of this new awareness are mind-boggling to me. Sometimes it makes sense, and other times I really have to slow down with David and pay attention to the subtleties that are happening. And there are many. After a session with Anat, she told me, "He is feeling his body in a completely new way right now." I could see it, and I could feel the difference in him as I was holding him. I wish I could know exactly what he is experiencing. It is so common sense and so mysterious at the same time.

During this first week of neurological organization for David, our time outside the ABM center is spent mostly enjoying and relaxing on the grounds of our abode. It is a blessing to be able to come here and to have the downtime for both David and me to process things. We have been sitting outside on a blanket in the grass, reading, playing, drawing and absorbing the outdoors.

Out in the yard, having a fun conversation

Can you find our friend? She has a baby too, and we see her every day.

One afternoon, there was a knock at the door of our Kinkaid-esque cottage. It was the woman staying next to us, Maria. She said she didn't want to intrude, but noticed David had some medical issues and she is a healer. I know, a random lady comes and says she is a healer. I know, there are people out there who take advantage of parents with hurt kids. So I told myself to be skeptical. But innately, I was intrigued. And, as she was not asking for money, I felt it couldn't hurt.

We met in the yard the next day.  It was a time of quiet and intention, and afterward, we talked. She said her main endeavor is to remove negative energy.  According to her, David's chakras were heavily misaligned, and he had fear and grief that she was helping him to let go. I could see that she genuinely wants to help. David seemed to be very into it all. Afterward, I started thinking about how much I talk about what happened in front of David. People ask, and I freely tell. But really, I don't think David wants to hear it. I think he has had to relive it too many times.

On that note, I am reminded that David is slowly beginning to break out of old habits. We are helping David to form new pathways in his brain that are allowing him to have more awareness of himself and his environment. In stark contrast, much of the program was manic repetition that resulted in passivity. Where David is now is a much more dynamic place.

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  1. Hi, my name is Deborah and I came across your blog when looking up a ABM practitioner in Texas. I see that your son seems to be responding to this type of therapy. My son is non verbal and non mobile which as you know is difficult. He had a bilateral infart to the cerebellum (stroke) which pretty much destroyed his entire cerebellum. Doctors have not seen this type of case so they are just providing traditional therapy and don't give me much other then we have to wait and see. I belong to a Special Moms Group on facebook where one mom posted her daughter success with this type of therapy. I'm very interested. I would appreciate it so much if you could reach out to me at least by email letting me know what facility you thought would be worth going to. Thank you,