Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Good Week

The past week has been truly and solidly good. Not only was it eventful, it was meaningful in many ways, starting off with visiting family, Donnie's gymnastics performance and Mothers Day. I anticipated the weekend, as Donnie has been practicing for months leading up to Mayfest, the day when all the young gymnasts at Westwood Gymnastics got to show off all the skills they have been learning.

Friday, my mom and dad arrived and were, of course, happy to see their grandsons. Soon after, the boys' Uncle Andy came from Arizona. His business visit coincided with the festivities and we were happy to see him. We started off by bar-b-cueing fajitas and the oncoming thunderstorm sent us inside for dinner. 

PawPaw and Donnie
Uncle Andy and David
MawMaw and Bids

My sister, Kayla, or as the boys call her, Aunt Bea, arrived later that night. The next morning we were all wowed by Donnie's gymnastics skills, as well as his outgoing personality. 

Our Nanny Myrian and her daughters, Michelle and Daniela
Good form on the bars...and doing a good job of taking turns!

PawPaw and David at the gym
Staying on the beam. Boys and girls practice on all apparatuses until they acquire more advanced skills.
A most triumphant Donnie Toad, he didn't want to step down from there.

Donnie has learned more than just physical skill in the past months. This experience has been a great start for his blossoming social growth, and has allowed him an environment where he can meet new people and develop good listening ability. I have seen him become more outgoing. Near the end of Mayfest, he tuned around and stole a kiss from the girl behind him in line. Guess he needed some good luck!

Jeremy's dad was also in town for business, so after the meet, Jeremy, the boys and I headed downtown for dinner. It was a lovely evening, and we took a horse and buggy ride, followed by a little pizza joint.

Just like dad.
Three generations
Granddad and the boys

Walking the doggies with Aunt Bea

Ahh...just what I needed on Mothers Day.
Look at how happy they both are! A beautiful end to the weekend.

This week continued to be full of good things. David's sweet and super knowledgeable therapist Tammy and I have been working with David to improve the position of his lower body, with the help of orthotics.  This Tuesday, David very purposefully used his foot to push off the floor and roll over. Usually, he just swings and moves his body until he rolls. This time, he very intentionally used the pressure of his foot on the floor to propel his body over. Go Bids!!! 
Learning with his legs and feet

 Back at the gym, the kids had a great time celebrating their accomplishments...
Such fun!
And later, Jeremy and I had our weekly date night. We went out to our land in Waelder after having dinner at one of our favorite little restaurants.
My other half. We are about to enjoy one superb steak dinner out in Moutlon, Tx. 

 On Friday, the boys and I got groceries. I know, this sounds pretty mundane, but for us it is MAJOR! For the first time, Donnie and David and I went to get what we call "big groceries." Look at these guys! Donnie pushed his brother in the stroller while I manned the shopping least for a while. We made it through the produce section and then I had the stroller and the cart. And we did it!
Donnie, being a fantastic big brother and a great help. I just love my guys.
 Now it is Saturday. I feel blessed and satisfied and grateful. The past seven days I have been able to spend time with family, relax in the sun, have a leisurely date out in the country and see my boys become more independent. There is so much to be thankful for.

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  1. Oh Shana...I have loved looking at all these pictures! You all look great! Such a more healthy and balanced life : ) Yea for that, right?!?!