Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Park Life

" gives me a sense of enormous wellbeing..."

Very true words from the song Parklife, by the band Blur. With our newfound freedom of travel, the boys and I have been discovering all of the parks in our area. Today we didn't get home until dark and my Wittles and I had a blast. It feels great to see Donnie running and playing and meeting other children after being stuck at home for so long. He gets a much needed outlet and also takes in new experiences. I am thrilled that David can now join us comfortably. I know the new scenery is working wonders for his recovery, to say the least. It is good for mom too. The outdoors is so necessary.

From this point on, I feel the need to wax anecdotal and share lots of photos, so here they are. Enjoy!

My awesome friend Laura went with us to Guth park in Corpus Christi. This marks the beginning of our fun times in the park.

These ducks were crazy! There were so many of them floating back and forth in a frenzy. We watched them for a long time, as they were quite mesmerizing.

Well hi there!

David's first time in a playground swing was a success!

David flying a kite with Laura. This was taken in Sinton at Rob and Bessie Welder Park.
An outdoor nap.

Father-son bonding. Last weekend the whole family went to Old Katy to watch some vintage baseball.   
After watching some baseball, Donnie played in a bouncy castle then eyeballed this playground. 

This was a very cool swing. I think we need to get one!

Having tons of fun!!!!

On top of traveling to local parks and playgrounds, we get some outdoor time at home. We are certainly making up for lost time.

En plein air painting in the backyard.
Checking out local critters.

This is out behind our house. Behind Donnie is Buffalo Bayou, where we enjoy walking and exploring. There is always something happening out there. Turtles, fish, name it. At night the hogs come out. During the day we find their tracks and the evidence of many other animals.

My Bids picked these shades out on a trip to H-E-B. They are the coolest.

And then, we are out and about again.

Meet Rody. She occasionally accompanies us and prefers the front seat.

One of my favorite photos. David is so content, surrounded by all the green and the comfortable spring evening. Ahh.

Swinging again. Such good stuff.

Another boy shared some bread with Donnie and he fed the ducks. He could not resist chasing them. We promptly returned to the playground after he caught one.

Some tired guys after hours of playing in another park today. Happiness. 

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