Sunday, May 26, 2013


Today we learned about movement. Anat has much wisdom to share, and what stuck with me most today was this: physical movement is a small part of movement. What does that mean? Well, that is why I am here. To learn it, but more specifically, to experience it.

Being aware of what is happening takes more work than I realized. Lots of things are happening. I feel like a bull in a china shop trying to articulate it.

We started by feeling the spines of fellow classmates. The are all so varied. Everyone uses their body in different ways to achieve one specific movement. We are encouraged to wonder. To wonder what is going on inside the brain and body of the person we are practicing on. That is heavy stuff. Everyone is organized so differently, so there are many things that inspire wonderment.

In turn, we were practiced on. With my first partner, I felt my upper body and subsequently, my lower body, turning to mush and melting. My skeletal system was tuning into the force of gravity and I started to become aware of how my weight was being distributed by my brain. And how it changed when I moved, and how it changed with the touch of a fellow practitioner in training. I became aware of parts of my body in new ways and it responded to this awareness.

The last time I got on my side and a partner began to support my spine, I anticipated what would happen. What kind of movement would take place. My breathing changed, as it did the previous two times. And when I stopped thinking and anticipating, my shoulders became loose and an involuntary smile crept upon my face. Then it turned into laughter. I felt like a kid. It was a feeling I haven't felt in a long long time. Spontaneous laughter was bubbling up from somewhere inside and I didn't let myself stifle it.

I think I need to laugh more.

So, wonder. What is stored up in our brains? What is ready to move? Movement can be physical. That is what I generally think of when I hear "movement." But movement can be emotional too, as I experienced today. What else can it be? I'm trying to figure it out.

I know when I do, I can help David more. I continually wonder what what he wants to say beyond our simple form of facilitated communication. And now I wonder what Donnie and Dad and any other willing person has going on in their brain too.

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