Saturday, May 25, 2013


Finally, I feel it's time to write again. This blog is like and old, good friend. I can come back to it after a very long time and pick right back up. So it is a time of transition. I keep saying "the planets are aligned" figuratively, but it is true literally as well. Yesterday, a few planets aligned, the moon was full, and there was a lunar eclipse. When these planetary events started taking place earlier in the month, I sensed it. Phones were ringing off the hook, and things felt as if they were going haywire.

Haywire pretty much sums up the last four years. And now, here I am, blessed to be learning, blessed to be in an amazingly beautiful environment, and blessed to be able to start making sense of it all. And blessed to have an amazing family. One devoted husband and two beautiful and intelligent boys, as well as many members of a big extended family, and a growing group of amazing friends.

Today was the first day of my Anat Baniel Method training. My intent in writing tonight was to talk about everything I learned today. But thinking about it, today I started learning about not just the events that happened today, but all the things that have accumulated in the past. How these things manifest themselves in the body via the brain. Aligning my body during a movement lesson, I realized a perspective change opens you up to information that has been there from times in the past.

What to do with all this new information? Rest. My brain told me to rest. I'm trying my best. It also told me to be still and listen. Turn off the internal dialogue and be an observer. Many things that I experienced today made me want to find the words to communicate what I was experiencing. Not easy. It is like learning a new language.

David has this language going on. I can see it. I see him mouthing words and making faces and looking certain ways. I see him wanting to get it out...all the things he is thinking and wondering and wanting to express. So I am here, trying to learn the language of the brain. It is a privilege and a challenge. It is just like the phases of the planets and the moon. You only know it is happening if you observe. And it is up to you to use that information.


  1. yes, so true how a perspective change can open one up to something that was known in the past. i was ruminating on that today as i walked with buddyboy in the hills...sometimes i forget to remember what i know....something like that....laura
    oh and i am anonymous because i can't decode the options for identifying myself...why i would never be good at undercover...