Thursday, May 24, 2012


I have fond memories of riding bikes as a kid. But my adult experience is not much more than scattering out of the way when avid cyclers holler at me to move over while I am out jogging. Honestly, getting on a bicycle kind of scares me. But then, seemingly out of nowhere and quite unexpectedly, the perfect bicycle appeared. Actually, it is a tricycle. And it is fabulous.

We have had an ongoing leak in our kitchen for months. Jim, the man working on it, told me he had something we might be interested in. He and his guys were working on another house and the couple had to move out quickly, so they left a bunch of stuff. One of those things was this sweet tricycle and a little aluminum trailer. I was just about speechless that he was giving us this tricycle. He also aired up the tires and adjusted the seat and fenders. One of the guys said, "Happy Mothers Day!" Indeed. 

Jeremy and I had been talking about bikes. I was not too keen about all the streamlined, off-roading type cycles--you know, the kind that get pretty close to running me over when I'm out jogging. Not to mention, the gears intimidate me. I said, "I just want a bicycle with a basket, that gets the job done." When I lived in Italy, I loved how there were so many people riding bikes. And they weren't fancy new ones. All the bicycles had character...and that is what I imagined.

Well, I got more than that. One more wheel, which means I won't feel like I'm about to crash all the time. Hooray for grown-up tricycles! And I got a nice sized trailer. The boys can ride in there and we are trying out different arrangements. So far, Donnie has taken a ride all around our neighborhood and it was an exhilarating experience. We set up David's blankets and yoga mats and he has taken a little short ride down our street. Next, we are going to try setting up his carseat in there so he has a better view. 

David trying out the trailer for the first time. It was kind of sunny. 

The man in the sunglasses is Jim, the super thoughtful guy who gave us the tricycle.  I couldn't thank him enough!

Here I am making sure I'm driving safely with Bids in the back. 

I also plan to do some en plein air painting--I'm pretty excited about packing up my easel and paints and getting out on the bayou. This was another thing I mentioned to Jeremy in our pre-bike conversation. I was trying to figure out how I'd get my wet paints and canvas back home after painting. Again...can this be anymore perfect? I did not hesitate to take it out there, as Donnie wanted to know if he could ride on the bayou too. Unfortunately, it is not safe for kids.

First, I took the route directly behind our house. I managed to get the trike and the trailer over a lumpy rock bridge and over a little rope fence. Then I pedaled out to the trail, through layers of ruts. Once on the dirt trail, the sailing still was not smooth. But it was fun.

Next, I decided to take another route home. I crossed a wooden bridge over the bayou, which was quite thrilling, and then the paved walk on the opposite bank. Once I neared our home, I realized I had to ride on the street, as in Fry Road. It was an adventure and I plan to take the road again to get out there and paint...eventually.

For now, the boys and I are going to have tons of fun and adventures on our new tricycle.

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  1. Shana, what an amazing gift you've received! You and the boys will be making some wonderful memories with the awesome tricycle with trailer, how awesome! You're an incredible person & I enjoy reading your blog posts. How adorable David is taking a fun ride in the fresh air :) Love this!