Monday, January 25, 2010

First Haircuts

Donnie was getting a little shaggy and David had a frohawk so it was time for the boys to get a haircut. I'd been putting this off for quite a while, waiting for more than just me to be home, waiting for calm (calm?!?), waiting for the perfect time. We have been enjoying some wonderful weather lately, so some outside time afforded me the opportunity to become personal stylist to Wittle Toads. Amazingly, I only had to chase him a few times. He stayed occupied just enough for me to whip out the thinning shears and the scissors and transform him into a little kid. He looks just like his dad!

Donnie goes to bed before David, so after he went to sleep it was David's turn. David was certainly curious about this whole event, especially since one of his latest new things is to feel his hair. Taking every precaution not to get any hair in the trach, I became personal stylist to Wittle Bids. I think he was wondering what was going on because he stayed still and alert the whole time.

Now that the boys have new 'dos, they seem even more like little kids and less like babies. Come to think of it, they didn't have much hair at all when they were tiny little guys. Here is a photo taken when they were about four months old:

Little baldies!! That was a year ago. It makes me wonder where we will be next year. One thing I can confidently forecast, in my mommy opinion, is more cuteness!

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  1. Sorry I missed their first haircut, wished I could have been there! But it was time, they were looking like little hippies! Can't wait until ya"ll get here for the three week visit. Give the boys hugs and kisses for me!