Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Active Little Dudes

It is a little overwhelming having to decide what the first post on our blog should include. Considering I have done very little in the way of documenting the lives of our boys in any formal sense does not help. I'm thinking about all the baby book items accumulating in a storage box, and all the photos, keepsakes, cards, and snippets of information written on scrap paper floating around the house. I could share so many things, but I will keep it short and simple by sharing some recent video clips of our active little guys. Enjoy!

Donnie loooves to dance!

David is making progress!


  1. Cute Dancing Toads! Bids is trying really hard, I know he will be dancing soon too! They are so precious!

  2. Great to see the boys! They are such good-looking boys. David is really getting strong and Donnie has the Aunt Bren and Aunt Beck moves! They are truly blessings from the Lord!
    We love ya'll. Aunt Robin

  3. Shana, I love the videos! It's so great to see David moving around so much and Donnie getting his boogie on. We're so proud of all you all have done and are continuing to do.