Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Travels

The whirlwind of a summer keeps on going . Here I am in New York City writing about the rest of our California trip that ended two weeks ago. I kind of feel like Carrie Bradshaw sitting on my bed in a Manhattan apartment, blogging on my MacBook, except the subject matter is much less risqué.

So back to California. My last post focused on the new things happening with David that we are attributing to ABM.  David and I spent three weeks in San Rafael for his ABM sessions. During the first two, it was just David and me. We took our time, processing things, past and present. We did a little sight-seeing, but nothing too ambitious. The first weekend, we returned to the Muir woods. The steep, winding drive is dangerous and unnerving, especially for a native south Texan used to flat wide roads and very few cyclists. But once in the woods, we enjoyed a place of healing and calm.

Redwoods are sublime!

David having lunch in the forest

One day we took a beautiful drive into San Fransisco. Listening to Wagner and watching the clouds roll in on the steep hills and the wind in the trees was a magical experience. Then, in the rainbow tunnel before the Golden Gate Bridge, someone started honking and it set off a chain reaction. Everyone was honking and if you looked into other cars, you could see people laughing about it all and continuing to honk. David most certainly enjoyed all the noise and I kind of thought of it as a funny communal experience. After crossing the bridge, we walked through a very chilly Golden Gate Park and literally stopped to smell the roses in the amazing rose garden there. 

David enjoying the rose garden

A glimpse of the many varieties of roses we saw

And mommy got some drawing time in back at the bed and breakfast!

It was great to have time with the whole family once Jeremy and Donnie arrived. The pace changed from slow and quiet to the noisy fast pace we are more accustomed to. Having both my boys together on this trip made me truly happy. Donnie got to see what David was experiencing during some of his ABM sessions. He also had a blast exploring the parks and the redwoods around San Rafael (especially the ones where we were staying as there were little gnome statues inside one of the trees!), and learning chess in the living room of the Gerstle Park Inn. 

I will now let the photos do some of the talking...

Dad, very happy to see his Wittle Bids

Dinner at Eric's Chinese Restaurant

Look where dad and Donnie went while David was in a session...

The boys had fun at Pier 39

Exploring nature and posing for the camera

We spent the Saturday that Jeremy and Donnie arrived driving through Mt. Tamalpais to Stinson beach. We drove on the edges of cliffs and watched the sun breaking through the clouds to a crowded and beautiful beach. 

David is having fun going for a ride. 

Stinson Beach
Donnie goes everywhere in his boots

Stopped off for a lovely dinner on the way back to San Rafael

That evening, we returned to San Rafael where we met the Hodder family. Jen and I have been in touch from the outset. Her daughter Aviana started the intensive program at the same time as David, and Jen and I have kept in touch via blog, email and phone to talk about our experiences and to vent. It was wonderful to meet in person and spend time talking. David and Avi got to meet and it was emotional to see the two light up at the sight of each other and interact. I have been reading about Avi for the longest time and seeing her photos. I was so happy to finally meet this beautiful girl!

Look at these two holding hands  (P.S. Thanks, Jen, for the photos!)

It was amazing to see them meet! 

David grabbing Avi's chin

Time to return to Houston

Returning home from California for a couple of weeks was nice (necessary?). I got to unpack, prepare blenderized food for twenty four days, catch up on the laundry, battle with the medical supply company for more supplies, then re-pack, and Jeremy and I got a date night in. 

Yesterday David, Myrian and her daughters Daniela and Michelle, and I arrived in Manhattan. David is now receiving intensive ABM sessions from Marcy Lindheimer. We have experienced much in less than two days. More to come on that soon! 

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