Monday, June 11, 2012

A Leisurely Time

After David's visit with Anat, Sylvia and Neil, we had a couple of extra days in California. We took our time Friday morning. We had breakfast downstairs and I relished the experience of sitting down and that I did not cook. David enjoyed it too. He got tastes of all the food from the breakfast buffet and I think his favorite might be bacon. Who doesn't love bacon? 

Next, we headed to Napa Valley, continuing to take it slow. This "taking our time" business has been quite interesting. "Going slow" has different meaning than it did before the boys were born. It now essentially means not multitasking and having the time to concentrate. For example, getting everyone into the car without a deadline means we can take twenty minutes. Instead of planning and moving simultaneously, we can just do one thing at a time. It takes a while. And I intended to take my time pretty much the rest of our trip.

The drive was beautiful, sunny, colorful and full of laughter. Jeremy and David were my designated drivers so I could enjoy some very lovely and very leisurely wine tasting. On the theme of slowing down, it reminds me of all the learning that was going on during our trip. While sampling all the Syrahs and Pinots and Chardonnays, I was also learning. Focusing on the aromas and flavors, and thinking about all the many things that went into growing and fermenting the wines to produce something very enjoyable, it made me think of ABM. It made me think about how this very thing is so important for David. Not drinking wine of course, but focusing on the nuances of the present experience and enjoying it all. And then learning from it. David is discovering his responses and preferences in relation to the world around him. And he needs leisure. 
Having a glorious time!
Lovely Napa Valley

I noticed that, in the morning before Napa, and the night before, David was PLAYING. He was playing with his toys and he was genuinely fascinated by what he was doing. He was grabbing the strap to the suction machine and having a good time of getting his arms tangled in it. He was rubbing his feet and legs on the ground and his whole body was engaged in the act of play. It was an event to behold. 
The next day, we drove through the central valley and headed to L.A., while mapping out our plans for the next few months. We arrived at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel in the evening and got ready for some sightseeing. We had a magnificent view overlooking Hollywood. David was enthralled with it, especially the giant Spiderman billboard right across from us. 

The view from our room. Can you find the Hollywood sign?

David was diggin' it

Grauman's Chinese Theater. I had to put my hands in all the handprints of the stars.

Playing Star Trek in Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum
Psst! Julia! 

In the morning we cruised around Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, and Venice Beach. While we absorbed the experience, I could hear and see David in the back seat exploring. He was making sounds with his tongue, touching his face, and looking out the window. David was playing some more!!! 

Another fabulous breakfast

Canon Drive

David in Beverly Hills, thinking lots of things...

Venice Beach. Dude, it's Jim Morrison! 

Meanwhile, back in Texas, Donnie was totally enjoying the week with my parents.The boys missed each other. We asked David if he missed Donnie while we were away and he said yes. My mom told me on the phone that one day, Donnie just told her, "I miss David." 

Donnie and Fluffy Kitty at his MawMaw and PawPaw's house
Getting spoiled by his grandparents! 

We all had a good week, but it feels good to be home and have our family all together. 

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