Monday, March 29, 2010


It has certainly been a while since I last updated, and much has transpired. Since I have disappeared from the blogosphere, the first thing that happened was Jeremy's trip to Pune, India. A little over a year ago, we heard about a homeopathic treatment for brain injury called G-Therapy. Since that time, we have researched, talked to parents of children who have received the treatment, and decided it was something that might benefit David. Thus, the anticipation began. Jeremy would act as courier for more parents interested in G-Therapy for their children and make the trip halfway around the world to Pune, India.

Jeremy departed on February 5, and arrived almost two days later. I was relieved to hear he made it there safely and excited to know more about the meetings he would have with Dr. Gunvant Oswal, the wonderful doctor who created G-Therapy. I 'd read many encouraging stories and updates written by parents of the related Yahoo Group about improvements in their children's development. I saw photos of the Centre for Life Sciences, Health and Medicine in Pune and children there who were helped by the treatment as well, and it certainly made me wish we could go as a family.

From the way Jeremy described his experiences, I imagined the grounds to be very serene. Dr. Oswal led him on a thoughtful tour of the gardens there, stopping to appreciate the many beautiful plants and tune the attention to the senses.

Jeremy met many of the staff and the families involved and I can say he called me on the phone sounding truly inspired. He told me of one patient seen by Dr. Oswal, paralyzed from advanced measles. By the time Jeremy had returned home, he was walking again! Here is a clip of another child who has been helped by the treatment:

Dr. Oswal requires in depth information about a patient before recommending G-Therapy. We sent video beforehand of David participating in all the therapy and exercises he receives throughout his regular routine. For a week, I lugged my tripod around the house as we did David's activities!

Jeremy and Dr. Oswal watched some of David's footage together. He told me how the Dr. paused in the conversation to note a change in the light coming into the room caused by shifting clouds, and how it affected their perception at the time. It was exciting to find out that Dr. Oswal has the largest video collection of brain injured children in the world. I can only imagine the wealth of knowledge gleaned from such a vast library and how it might be used to help the children in those videos.

Meanwhile, back in Texas, one of the kids in the video library was visiting his grandparents along with his twin brother and mom. Donnie and David had a great time with their MawMaw and PawPaw, and we all got a breath of fresh air out in the country. All the while, we still implemented David's normal, rigorous routine. My dad came up to Katy beforehand to help load up all the equipment, including the inclined floor!

Therapy wherever we go!

MawMaw and the Wittles

PawPaw playing for David

The boys loved being able to spend time outdoors amidst the animals and plants. Donnie had a blast riding his four wheeler around the big yard and chasing cats and chickens. David received a cornucopia of sensory stimulation, as we took walks around all the many trees, listened to the sounds of nature and farm animals, and took in some much needed vitamin D. At night, we would get on Skype and the boys would talk to their "DaDa."

When Jeremy returned home we heard some very sad and very scary news. A bakery in a popular area of Pune was blasted the same day Jeremy departed for the U.S. We are blessed that he made it back to Houston safely and saddened for those affected by what happened.

After a few days of Jeremy at home in Houston under travel quarantine, the boys and I were ready to return and see their dad! The remainder of February was spent getting back into the swing of the normal routine of therapy and weekly appointments and of course, starting G-Therapy!

Jeremy brought home a six month supply. It is in the form of a tiny round white pill taken on or under the tongue. Three are taken in the morning and three at night, either thirty minutes before or after a meal. This is done for two weeks on and one week off, and a vegetarian diet is recommended for those taking the treatment, in order for the body to metabolize it more successfully. Although Dr. Oswal will not disclose the ingredients, we do know that a parent had it tested here in the U.S., and no harmful substances were detected.

Morning G

Evening G

One dose

I was filled with anticipation as we gave David his first dose, but I also did not want to get my hopes up. The word I used to describe what I saw with David upon initiating the treatment was "flabbergasted!" Within an hour after the first dose, David was grabbing at his face and other objects. He went down his slide faster. There was a definitive improvement in waking and sleeping. Awake, David was certainly more alert and "present." He appeared to enjoy a more peaceful and deeper sleep. These are observations from the first two days. There will be more to come on David's progress with G-Therapy.

We are truly thankful for the work Dr. Oswal and his team are doing in Pune. Clinical trials for G-Therapy will begin soon in South Korea and Dr. Oswal recently received an award there for his work to help brain injured children and those with disabilites. Many agree, it is well deserved!


  1. I can not believe there was an explosion the day after Jeremy left Pune! He was so brave for going over there! Praying the G-Therapy goes well. Miss having the wittles at our house! Give them lots of hugs and kisses for me! Love ya lots, Mawm

  2. I can't believe I missed your posts :o) I check often and was surprised by the TWO of them! I loved all of the pictures from Jeremy's trip as well as your trip to your parents.

    I love how you call it "Morning G" and "Evening G" I can't wait to hear more. That is SUCH exciting news! Keep me updated....I just may have to send Dave to Pune for some G :o)

    You guys are amazing and it was so exciting to read these last few posts.

    Take care and love to you all!

  3. Hi,
    Just checking what's your final thoughts in G Therapy? Is David still doing G Therapy?

  4. Hi,
    Could you please share more updates on G-therapy usage by your kid? Thanks!